AGRIS (International System for Agricultural Science and Technology)

Since 1974, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has provided support to its member countries to make their research outputs visible and accessible through the International System for Agricultural Science and Technology (AGRIS); one of the most comprehensive search engines in food and agricultural scientific literature providing free access to millions of bibliographic records in 90 different languages.

AGRIS facilitates the AGRIS Network with up to hundreds of organisations worldwide contributing knowledge and data to the AGRIS platform, resulting in a multilingual bibliographic collection of food and agricultural scientific research with special attention to scientific information produced in the global south. Therefore, AGRIS is used by whoever is inclined to find literature on any of FAO’s areas of interest.

AGRIS is supported by a community of data providers, partners and users. Institutions including research centres, academic institutions, publishers, governmental bodies, development programmes, international and national organisations currently contribute knowledge and data to the AGRIS platform. These institutions facilitate access to publications, journal articles, monographs, book chapters, and grey literature – Including unpublished science and technical reports, theses, dissertations and conference papers in the area of agriculture and related sciences.

AGRIS has up to 450 data providers, 101 of them are currently active, representing 150 countries who have contributed to the nearly 12 million records available in up to 90 languages within AGRIS since 1974. By contributing publications to AGRIS, organisations help to bridge the access gap for scientific literature and increase the flow and access of information in the domain of food and agriculture.

The AGRIS Network also includes a large user group. AGRIS is accessed from all over the world, including 200 countries and territories with more than 800,000 visits per month. AGRIS is used by whoever is inclined to find literature on any of the FAO’s areas of interest; including students, scientists, librarians, researchers, publishers and policy-makers.