2021 Release - Mobile Broadband Coverage ...

URL: https://data.apps.fao.org/catalog/iso/7ee38f75-605f-4c88-9afc-64779e70e595

The dataset includes operator’s submission coverage for 3G with strong signal, 4G strong signal and 5G, sourced from the network operators from submissions made directly to Collins Bartholomew or to GSMA, from operators who provide roaming detail for inclusion in the GSMA’s Network Coverage Maps web application.

Operator submissions are an incomplete data source. The percentage number of licensed operators that submitted their coverage data compared to the total number of GSMA operators members is indicated here below, for each technology:

Technology -- % Operator Submissions

2G -- 48%

3G -- 50%

4G -- 26%

5G -- 1%

Resource constraints

Access to data is limited to FAO internal users.