Data includes climate related interactive maps, GIS datasets, satellite imagery and related applications.

  • Climate Hazards Group InfraRed Precipitation with Station data (CHIRPS): is a 30+ year quasi-global rainfall dataset. CHIRPS incorporates 0.05\u00b0 resolution satellite imagery with in-situ station data to create gridded rainfall time series for trend analysis and seasonal drought monitoring.

  • Global Map of Monthly Precipitation: Grid with estimated precipitation per month with a spatial resolution of 10 arc minutes. This dataset has been constructed from 27 075 stations with 1961-1990 climatological normals. The dataset consists of 12 ASCII-grids with mean monthly data in mm/day * 10, and one ASCII-grid with yearly data in mm/year. In addition, 12 ASCII-grid with monthly values at 5 arc minutes resolution are made available as input data for a global water balance model (GlobWat).

  • Agricultural Stress Index System: The seasonal indicators are designed to allow easy identification of areas of cropped land with a high likelihood of water stress (drought). The indices are based on remote sensing data of vegetation and land surface temperature combined with information on agricultural cropping cycles derived from historical data and a global crop mask. The final maps highlight anomalous vegetation growth and potential drought in crop zones during the growing season.

  • Average Monthly Temperature: