Trade and Production

These datasets contains imports and exports of grains and oilseeds across the world, agricultural commodity prices covering basic food commodities and Territorial Markets of different countries.

  • Food Price Monitoring and Analysis (FPMA) Domestic Market Prices - is maintained by FAO GIEWS (Global Information and Early Warning System on Food and Agriculture) and is updated on a monthly basis with latest available data predominantly taken from primary sources in countries or in some cases through secondary sources. Users are encouraged to utilize the FPMA Tool

  • Daily Food Prices Monitor Value chain disruptions are expected to trigger sudden price changes and increase in price volatility. The Daily Prices pages monitors consumer prices of 14 main food products in all countries and compiles the average price change for each product since 14 February 2020.

  • Agricultural Commodity Prices - FAOSTAT includes data on agricultural producer prices, consumer price indices, exchange rates and deftaltors.